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Right now Seastick is Gabri's main project. 

All the efforts of the company are dedicated to the design and the manufacturing of the vehicle.


Making a Seastick is not just a job or a profession, is a mission, and all the staff members are voted to this task.

That's why they face everyday the challenge with fiery passion.


But passion is not enough, and for making this vehicle a reality we need the proper tools of the trade.

Seastick's components are made through the most advanced technology with the most modern materials, but all the details are finished by hand, with the care of a craftsman.

The motors, the rudders, all the hull's components, the ogive and the breech are crafted directly by us and follows the same quality standards: all the components are made through CNC machinery but the single component is individually looked after in order to make it as impeccable as possible. 

This applies also to a vast array of internal electronics: Motors PCBs, on board electronics and our proprietary software.

Lately we invested a lot in new CNC machinery in order to make the procedures for the realization of our COTS more fast, more precise and more reliable. 



In the following slideshow you can see the machinery we employ in the making of a Seastick.




Gildemeister CNC lathe
Rambaudi CNC milling cutter
Stratasys Fortus 3D printer
Infrared IC Heater.
Contact Copier

Gabri's electronic research lab is equipped with tools and devices to work directly from Direct Current of 26 Ghz.

The laboratory's tools includes:

Power supplies, resistive loads, digital and analog oscilloscopes, function and arbitrary waveform generators, frequency generators (field of frequency ranging from 1 hz to 6 Ghz), frequencymeter, frequency counter, analog and digital millivoltmeters, digial multimeters, sweep markers, dummy load for radiofrequencies, R.O.S. gauge, Grid Dip Meter for the study and manufacturing of antennas, sine square and triangle wave generator, thermal imaging camera.


All these equipments can be at your service: you need a lavoration that requires the use of precise machinery and that you can't perform alone? Ask us! Through our machines and our know how we can make your requests come true!

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