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Brushless Motors

A SELF motor for the Seastick

SELF motors are a type of magnetic induction brushless motors, developed by Gabri Srl. These motors are the trademark feature on the Seastick Autonomous underwater vehicles.

The motors consist of a rotor and a stator with a three blades propeller.


The absence of gears inside the motors ensures high performances with a minimal consumption.


In all the Seasticks developed right now, the motors, have the possibility of revolve around their own axis in order to perform an array of maneuvers impossible until today. (including hovering and vertical movement in water column)

These aren't the only feature of our motors, the propellers can rotate in opposite directions in order to make the vehicle to turn around while standing still on the same point in the space.

They are also equipped with LED lights signal systems useful for indicating the position and the status of the vehicle.


These motors can be adapted to any kind of underwater/surface vehicles: AUVs, ROVs, ASVs and Gliders are all compatible with this product.


Silent and easy to maintain our motors are one of our best products, and if you are interested in them you can contact us or the closest dealer to you in order to request a quote.

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