History Page

The company is growing, and so is the site!

That's why we felt the urge to keep the track of our growth and to share it with you.

Now you can see the whole transformation of our Autonomous Underwater Vehicle through the years and all its public appearances from 2010 till today.

Just for this time we won't show you the future but the past: just go to the home page and push the History button.

But the story will go on, and will go on soon.

Seastick will be present in three events this Autumn:


- DSEI: 15/9, 18/9 2015, London, UK, Zenatek booth.

- INTERGEO: 15/9, 17/9 2015, Stuttgart, Germany, Grafinta booth.

- NEVA 2015: 22/9-25/9 2015, St Petersburg, Russia, Seatechrim booth.

- OI CHINA 2015: 3/11 - 5/11 2015, Shangai, China, Hi-Target booth.


Come and visit us!

Gabri S.R.L

Gabri S.R.L - C.so Europa, 349 - 16132 Genoa - ITALY

Ph: 010 3076086


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