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Our camcorder equipped on Seastick

Underwater HD Camera

Meet Gabri SRL underwater camcorder.

The device is designed to work at high depth, till 1000m (3000 ft).

In order to substain the pressure the encasing is made of Ergal, while the screen is made of solid plexiglass, 42 mm of thickness. The light weight and its endurance, combined with the ease of lavoration, made the Ergal the more suitable material for this job. The camera module is developed by Gabri SRL and allows the recording of high quality videos in h.264 codec. A led illuminator is provided with the camera and its mounted directly in the camera encasing.

This permit to illuminate even the darkest seabed and to record in any environment disregarding the ambient light.

The led illuminator feature an optional function of gradient light regulation.

Being able to regulate the light intensity allows the user to setup the scene in order to have best recording experience without being blinded or corrupting the real colours of the recording.

The camera comes also mounted on a pan-tilt support ± 90° with additional LED illuminators. This type is best suitable for ROVs.

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